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American Gemstone Systems builds software for organizations to better manage their operations with real time information and allowing businesses to operate with Just In Time. The system is designed to be extremely flexible and to automate as many business processes as possible

Supply Chain



Wholesale Business Made Easy

Supply Chain is a complete business solution for wholesalers and importers to manage their entire operations across multiple warehouses and offices.

Unlock your inventory

Simple to use software that lets you unlock the potential of your inventory.

Reserve a quantity

The system will show your current stock and what is on reserve for orders at all of your warehouses

Real time reports

The system will automatically calculate all of your costs for each shipment and distribute those to your COGS

Key to your success

Supply Chain will help you gain time that you can dedicate to selling.



Factory Management Solution

Gemwares gives manufacturers the ability to manage their entire operations through a single efficient platform designed for complete flexibility and ease of use.

Real time Product Tracking

Wastage calculations

Compare worker productivity

Calculate & compare Processing time


For the first time ever you will be able to able to collect accurate KPI’s in real time for all your production employees.

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