Data Universal (Thailand) Limited

Data Universal Thailand Limited is a subsidiary of Data Universal (d11u.com) , an American Headquartered international IT company.

Our company began development of the Gemwares software in 2012 to solve challenges in expanding manufacturing businesses in Thailand to online markets. Over time, the Gemwares software grew to allow its customers to submit quotations online for custom manufactured products, standardize and automate the quotations, control the entire production process, and allow for real time tracking of products throughout the factory.

In 2018 DUTH expanded to solve the needs of wholesalers and try to improve the competitiveness of SMEs who lack the purchasing power of large conglomerates but want to scale their operations to multiple locations and warehouses. Supplychain is centered around allowing wholesale businesses to operate with Just In Time inventory systems by giving them real time information about their inventories, costs, and margins. The system is designed to be extremely flexible and to automate as many business processes as possible.